Ticket distribution updates

8509219411_5d2f212f2c_kA quick update on ticket dates for you if you are looking to come along.

We’ve had a think about the best way to ensure a fairly level playing field for tickets.

So, we’re inviting people to add themselves to the waitlist before we make a random distribution.

You can sign-up to the waitlist by navigating to the eventbrite page here.

We’ll release tickets to lucky contenders by sending you an email with the magic link. You’ll then have 24-hours to click the link and claim your ticket. If you don’t claim your ticket they go back into the pot for redistribution.

So, the next two ticket releases are:

Tuesday May 3 at 9pm – third release. We’ll release tickets from the waitlist.

Wednesday May 11 at 9pm – fourth release. We’ll release tickets from the waitlist.

In addition there will also be a small internal release by GCS for Civil Service comms, PR and digital people. See the GCS website for details.

We’ll carry on making one-off releases as individual tickets come spare ahead of the event.

Any questions email dan@comms2point0.co.uk.

Good luck!


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Thanks for bearing with, but…

by Dan Slee

19445145280_4e607e113b_zWell that was certainly memorable… the second ticket release for commscamp didn’t entirely go to plan.

Twenty tickets were eventually released but an hour later than planned at 10pm and at random from the waitlist rather than from the site itself.

That particular plan ‘B’ emerged after about half an hour of wrestling with eventbrite to make the tickets live. What we did the first time round didn’t work a second time. Not even sitting through the excruciating tutorial video revealed what the issue was.

So, first, a sincere apology from me if you were refreshing and re-refreshing your eventbrite link. There are, I know, many things to do that are better than that and we want to acknowledge that. Any swearing you were doing we were doing too. But you are fully entitled to shout.

Secondly, we’ll take a long look at how we’ll do the third ticket release of 20 which is planned for Tuesday May 2 and do it better. We’ll let you know what conclusions we reach here, through the email list and through Twitter.

We hope it’ll be better for everyone. Even if we can’t promise absolutely everyone who wants one a space. Drop us a line @commscamp or to daniel.slee1972@gmail.com.

Picture credit: https://flic.kr/p/vCisew


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#commscamp16 is back on July 14


Like some kind of Glastonbury for public sector comms people commscamp is back, back BACK!

The date fixed in the calendar is July 14 and the venue once again is the Bond Company in Digbeth.

The aim is to bring together those in and around the public sector together for an all-day unconference to see how we can do the job better.

  • There will be no powerpoint or keynote speakers.
  • There will be space for at least 30 sessions staged across the day.
  • All session ideas will be chosen on the day.
  • Anyone can propose a session idea.
  • Job descriptions are checked in at the door.
  • Everyone’s views are important.
  • And yes, there will be the return of the cake stall.

How do the session ideas emerge?

It could be something you are involved with, trying to crack, wondering about or proud of. You don’t have to be an expert. On the day, you just need to kick-off the debate. We’ll post an ideascale here where you can test out your ideas first. (Tip: pretty much any session idea other than ‘press releases: they’re the future and the internet won’t catch on’ will probably work.)

Who is this for?

This is for anyone in and around the public sector. Your job title isn’t important. You could be a press officer, web officer, social media manager or head of comms. All job titles are left at the door on the day. You could be a 16-year-old apprentice. The pips on your shoulder don’t matter.

Can the private sector play, too?

If you are private sector, there’s a chance for you to get involved with sponsorship and a chance to meet people in central government, local government, NHS and also some Third Sector. Drop a note to dan@comms2point0.co.uk.

Can you volunteer?

The event is not-for-profit and volunteer driven and can only happen because of the work volunteers put in. On the day, that can be everyone from photographers, people meeting people at the train station and co-ordinating the walking train or making sure the hot water boiler is filled up. Glamorous. But essential. We’re going to need a dozen of these kind people. In return you get the fuzzy glow of knowing you helped… and afterwards you can proudly sport your commscamp t-shirt.

Special volunteer tickets will be posted at noon on Wednesday April 20 at noon together with the first round of tickets.

How you can get a ticket

There will be four ticket releases

Wednesday April 20 at noon – volunteer tickets and first release.

Tuesday April 26 at 9pm – second release.

Tuesday May 2 at 9pm – third release.

Wednesday May 3 at 12.30pm – fourth release.

Any questions just shout via the @commscamp Twitter or to dan@comms2point0.co.uk

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Idea fund date extended

The official deadline for the commscamp 15 new idea fund has passed. But don’t fret, given that it’s holiday time, we’ve decided to extend the chance to get your hands on some cash to 30 September.

A few people approached us and said they were interested but that their jollies were getting in the way. Now we’re all for holiday time and we’re all for really good things coming from commscamp so we thought making it easy for people to apply made 100% sense.

That means you definitely have no excuse now. Get your thinking caps on, work with quality folk, connect on some ideas and see what you can do. Big or little, simple or something that’s never been done before, we want to hear from you.

Electric light bulb

Electric light bulb

It doesn’t take a lot either. And what’s up for grabs is really quite excellent. The lovely Muster Point have agreed to sponsor the pot so it’s doubled to £700 and Christine Townsend from Muster Point is also offering a year of free full use of MusterPoint and mentorship to the lucky winner. This involves providing feedback on the idea, helping to shape it and – potentially – looking at how to get further investment or support. You couldn’t ask for more really so do give it some thought and take this opportunity up.

What do you have to do?

It’s open to anyone to get involved, whether you were at commscamp 15 or not.

Then just tell us a few straightforward things on one side of A4.

  • Your name and your contact details including your @Twitter handle
  • Name of idea/project

In no more than 100 words describe your idea and then answer the following questions:

  • How would your idea make a difference and who would it benefit?
  • How much funding do you require to make a start?
  • How long would your idea/project take to be delivered?
  • How will you evaluate the success of your idea – how will you know it has worked?
  • What is the social part of your new idea?
  • List those colleagues who would be involved in delivering your idea

Send it to us hello@commscamp.com by Wednesday 30 September.

We’ll judge with Christine and announcement a winner the first week in October. There, it’s as simple as that.

Want to check anything before submitting, email hello@commscamp.com

***MusterPoint is a social media management and monitoring platform created by Christine Townsend who has previously worked in the emergency services and central Government managing crisis communications. www.musterpoint.co.uk @muster_point @ctownsenduk

Image by Alan Cleaver – made available under Creative Commons licence. alancleaver/2279694390

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