Gone in Three Minutes… Now A Fresh Ticket Release Update

14422094477_3a69bdc109_kGone in three minutes… the first batch of tickets for commscamp went in record time.

If you managed to get your hands on one well done and you are the King of the Refresh Button and get busy testing cake recipes.

If you didn’t, don’t worry there will be two ticket releases in the next week or so:

FIRST Another public release – this time 25 – over here on our eventbrite at 9.30pm on Tuesday May 5.

SECOND We’ll also make a release of around 25 from the waitlist at around 10pm on Tuesday May 5. You can add yourself to the waitlist over here on our eventbrite.

The capacity is 150 so there will be further ticket releases announced.

And a quick reminder, that these tickets are for public sector comms people. Charity, housing and voluntary sector are welcome too.

If you are a supplier or a consultant there’s still a way in. We can lay down palm leaves and welcome you as a sponsor. If that floats your boat email dan@comms2point0.co.uk, darren@comms2point0.co.uk or emmais26@aol.com.


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Commscamp 2015 first ticket release

ccby Emma Rodgers

It’s been 10 months since we last held Commscamp. Blimey – that’s gone fast and it’s fair to say a lot – no a blooming huge amount – has happened in that time.

We’re seeing communications team grow again in 2015 – now who would have thought that in 2014?

We’ve seen austerity measures get even tougher for local government and as the LGA tells us we’re facing another 40% cuts by the end of this Parliament.

We’ve talked about the new skills that a comms team will need and we’ve thought about how to get them.

We’ve heard challenges about citizens doing more and new initiatives happening across the public sector.

We’ve also talked about the death of well everything really – pr, organisations, meetings – the list goes on and on.

Challenges have remained a constant – getting citizens’ voices heard, influencing at the top table, generating income, keeping on top of the endless skills we need, as well as new models for communications all while making sure we shout about what we do.

And that’s before we get around to mentioning the new technologies and digital trends in the last few months.

Just looking at that little lot, you can see why coming along to Comms Camp 2015 is a must for comms peeps. It’s the biggest communications unconference in the UK for the public sector and will see professionals from all parts of the industry – local government, police, fire, housing, voluntary and central government – come together on 9 July in the Bond Company in Birmingham.

We’re pretty darn certain it will be sunny – it’s always sunny in Birmingham in July – it will be fun and there will be shed loads of learning. There will also be some quality cake, you’ll meet new people and you’ll get to set the agenda for what you want to talk about. Oh and did we mention it would be really, really useful.

If you don’t believe us, see for yourself just some of the great stuff that came from Comms Camp in 2014 here.

And if that doesn’t convince you, I’m not sure what will.

Tickets are like hot cakes and there’s going to be limited capacity.

A first ticket release will be at 12.30pm on Thursday April 30.

A second ticket release will be at 9.30pm on Tuesday May 5.

There will be further ticket releases. We’ll post more details on our Twitter @commscamp, on the blog and on our email. You’ll need to sign up to the comms2point0 email – you can do that here. We’re very excited and want you to be too – it’s the must go event of the year. You can also follow us on twitter @commscamp for the latest news and updates.


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Announcing Commscamp for 2015 

Comms Camp 14 was good, really good.

We know – we’re biased. But the people who matter – those who were there on the day – agree.

Ideas and discussions happened. In fact a lot of ideas and discussion happened. Not only did we see an amazing round up of activity including 8 videos, 2 vines, 162 pictures, 15 blogs, 8 storifies, 1 infographic and 7 useful links shared as a result of commscamp, 354 contributed to the #commscamp14 hashtag with a potential reach of 628, 547. Phew.

Even more importantly we think, 96% of the people who attended loved or hugely loved the event and 81% gave the sessions they went to four or five stars out of a possible five. And one other fact that we particularly like – 52% of those who came along had never been to an unconference before. We like that a lot.

So on the back of all that, we’ve got ourselves organised and yes we’ve gone and booked Comms Camp 15.

The big day will be Thursday 9 July and the venue will be the super wi fi boosted Bond Company in Fazeley Street, Birmingham. We reckon you should get it in your diary now.

PS. If you fancy being one of the sponsors for Comms Camp 15, get in touch. Tweet @commscamp

We’ll see you there.

Darren – @darrencaveney

Emma  – @emmarodgers

Dan – @danslee


Creative Commons credit

Tony Moran by Leah Lockhart

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An epic round-up from an epic day #commscamp14

14423124870_e04d56bd78_kThere’s a cycle to how a good unconference works that goes something like this… anticipation, event, noise, reflection… and then the blogs.

For commscamp14 the anticipation in no small part was due to the build-up over which cake was to be baked for Kate Bentham’s cake table.

The event itself was brilliant. We always say we put on the space and then the attendees come and fill it with ideas, discussion and inspiration.

There was noise and then how – inside the room and outside on Twitter looking in – and then the reflection was to be found in the number of blogs that emerged.

So, this is a round-up of 8 videos, 2 vines, 162 pictures, 15 blogs, 8 storifies, 1 infographic and 7 useful links posted as a result of commscamp.

Ann Kempster produced a great spread of pics she posted to Flickr. Can you see yourself?

Leah Lockhart also produced a great spread of pics she also posted to Flickr. Can you see yourself here, too?


Our Chief Handwritten Infographic Person Karen Jeal Lambeth Council digital whizz created this lovely post and infographic around the event she was keen to come to but couldn’t attend.


Al Smith of Helpful Technology wrote this post here on what he took away from the event. Evaluation struck him as being a key theme. Something he welcomed.

14422037619_e73ea8162f_kLizzy and Emily from Deeson Creative wrote a post on what struck them at the event. Understanding psychology and boosting staff morale were two things that struck them.

Civil Servant Victoria Ford was swift out of the blocks to blog her take on what was her first unconference. She loved it and came away with five learning points. 

Dan Slee wrote up some initial conclusions as one of the co-organisers. Evaluation, evaluation and evaluation emerged.

Local government comms person Jon King thought of some fishing anecdotes froim the event and wrote them here.

@karolmc shared a set of notes that were thrown-up on Eventbrite on the day.

Civil servant John Ploughman almost bumped into the Prime Minister at New Street station and wrote-up some of his conclusions here.

Kate Goodall wrote a fine post on her take on the event from the perspective of the event. But she still worries about justifying the event to her boss the next day. 

Dave Worsell of GovDelivery wrote about what good email can do here.

Dan Slee of comms2point0 on the learning points from the IEWM #bestbywm 2014 survey here.

Sally Northeast on her pithy takeaways from commscamp.

@manickmanda posted the things that struck her as well as bonus marks for a Willy Wonka parallel 

Dave Musson’s post on his takehomes which involved music, evaluation and Kit Kat cake. 

Scott from Touch Design has blogged about some of the conclusions he reached not least the benefits of sharing campaigns and a potential role for Flickr.

NEW! Eddie Coates-Madden on commscamp and how editors are turning their backs on press releases.


MyNewsDesk produced this rather good Storify to give their story of their day.

A celebration of the cake baking Storify by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.

NEW! Commscamp all the best bits by Emma Rodgers

NEW! Commscamp all the best Touch Design bits by Emma Rodgers

NEW! Commscamp all the best Deeson Creative bits by Emma Rodgers

NEW! Commscamp all the best Alive With Ideas bits by Emma Rodgers

NEW! Commscamp all the best Govdelivery bits by Emma Rodgers

NEW!  Comms camp all the best MyNewsDesk bits by Emma Rodgers


Comms2point0 and IEWM updated #bestbywm with a survey to show the state of local government social media in the West Midlands in 2014. You can read it on IEWM’s Best by 14422141347_51bf5ae70c_kWest Midlands blog.

Deeson Creative joined forces with comms2point0 to run a survey on local government Facebook reach and how social advertising was working. You can read the slideshare here or you can read the results and a few extra resources here.

Some shared links

You know how it is. You’re in a session and you want to cite a really good post you’ve read.

Ian Wright shared a post about why content marketing fails here. 

John Ploughman shared a post by Facebook on organic reach here.

14423172848_cccb48d9e6_kJamie Officer shared a link that can help you piece together how big and small social media platforms are. 

John Ploughman shared an example of a Thunderclap.

Shane Harley shared a gov.uk DCLG post on shared code for intranets.

Pauline Roche shared a post that may help digital buddies.

Gemma Finnegan shared five good snapchat campaigns.


John Popham who secured crowdfunding to livestream the event has posted several of the sessions on his Tumblr. You can also re-live the pitching and the award of the seriously cool prizes.

NEW! @puffles2010 posted David Banks’ session on media law and social media.

MyNewsDesk shared this Vine from a session.

Deeson Creative added this Vine.

Creative commons credits.

Trainers by Ann Kempster https://flic.kr/p/nYqHk2

Rainbow cake by Ann Kempster https://flic.kr/p/nYrfar

The room by Leah Lockhart https://flic.kr/p/nYwhwJ

Facebook like hand https://flic.kr/p/nYwmK1

Two people sitting https://flic.kr/p/nYwwMW


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