Pre-commscamp social

Curry picture

We love being social and commscamp embraces all that is social. You get to meet new folk, people you haven’t seen in ages and those you see all the time. You catch up, you put the world to rights and you have a good time over a cuppa and a slice of cake.

One of thebest parts of commscamp is the night before (13 July), especially for those who travel far and wide to be there. There’s an excited anticipation and optimism about what’s to come. And there’s no better way to kick off in style than with a tasty curry in one of the yummiest curry house in Brum.

Everyone is welcome. To reserve a place, just sign up on the eventbrite. It includes all the details you need including where it is and what time it starts.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there. Nom, nom.

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Join in the #commscamp16 conversation

For the uninitiated, commscamp follows an unconference format. That’s where event attendees set the agenda for the day. They are the ones who decide what they want to talk and hear about.

Everyone is invited to pitch a session and interest levels determine what makes the grade as a slot for the day.

If you’re coming to commscamp 16 and want to hear what sessions people are thinking of pitching, please check out the commscamp facebook group here. You can join in, comment on ideas that are being discussed there and also see some of the beautiful tat prizes that are going to be up for grabs on the day. We know you want to so please do mosey on over.

You’ll be pleased you did.

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Why I love commscamp

Tim Lloyd wrote an excellent post recently about commscamp and why he’s a fan. You can read it here.

With just under a month to go until the big day, here’s the reasons why I love commscamp.

  1. You leave hierarchy at the door – no matter what grade or level you are, it all gets parked as soon as you get your commscamp sticker on. Everyone’s opinion is as valid as the next one.
  2. Sharing ideas, the chance to debate and learning new things are the order of the day. Whether it’s grappling with big issues or hearing about someone’s what’s app experience, you will get to learn what colleagues up and down the country think and be able to share your views too.
  3. Therapy – work can be tough and it isn’t always helpful to spill your guts in the office. Commscamp offers a safe place where you can let it all out, find out you’re not alone and have a laugh at the same time with like-minded people.
  4. The cakes are top notch. In fact when I was writing this I struggled to find the right words to truly describe the joy that is the cake table at commscamp. Led by the queen of cake Kate Bentham with starring roles from baker attendees, it’s a true national treasure for sweet tooths everywhere. It also raises money for charitable causes – what could be better?
  5. The diversity of the people who are there. Central government, local government, housing, charity or voluntary sector, private sector or self- employed – everyone has something to contribute and it’s amazing how similar the challenges are no matter where you work. The unique mix of people that gather at commscamp means fresh ideas, solutions you’ve never thought of and connections unlike any others.
  6. Commscamp keeps it real. So real in fact that we have a table of tat prizes – primarily sourced from charity shops – the more twee the better. But what makes it the most fun is that these tat prizes are sourced by attendees and really, really coveted. When someone wins, it’s engenders a massive celebration. An A team annual, a bus stock book and a Queen Elizabeth II commemorative plate are just some of the glorious bounties to behold this year. We know you want desperately to win one.
  7. Attendees set the agenda and decide what’s happening on the day. It’s a simple unconference format that works really well. Sessions get pitched and people use the law of two feet to decide what is for them. There’s a commscamp facebook group where you can also put forward your ideas or hear what others are going to pitch on the day. Stop on by if you haven’t already.
  8. The friends and the pre-camp curry. I’ve made some great friends at previous commscamps and there are always new friends to be made. And they are always happy to carry on the connection after the event which really helps back in the day job. Oh and did we mention there was a pre-camp curry too. You can sign up here.
  9. It’s free to attend. No expensive conference tickets here. We do have a waiting list though so if you have a ticket and can’t make it, please do let us know so we can give someone else your ticket.
  10. The cake – I can’t not mention cake twice.

We’d love to know what’s your favourite thing about commscamp. It’s taking place on 14 July at the Bond Company and we couldn’t do it without the help of our lovely sponsors. Thanks to them too obviously.

Picture by Gracie. Aged 6.

Why I love commscamp

Why I love commscamp

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Ticket distribution updates

8509219411_5d2f212f2c_kA quick update on ticket dates for you if you are looking to come along.

We’ve had a think about the best way to ensure a fairly level playing field for tickets.

So, we’re inviting people to add themselves to the waitlist before we make a random distribution.

You can sign-up to the waitlist by navigating to the eventbrite page here.

We’ll release tickets to lucky contenders by sending you an email with the magic link. You’ll then have 24-hours to click the link and claim your ticket. If you don’t claim your ticket they go back into the pot for redistribution.

So, the next two ticket releases are:

Tuesday May 3 at 9pm – third release. We’ll release tickets from the waitlist.

Wednesday May 11 at 9pm – fourth release. We’ll release tickets from the waitlist.

In addition there will also be a small internal release by GCS for Civil Service comms, PR and digital people. See the GCS website for details.

We’ll carry on making one-off releases as individual tickets come spare ahead of the event.

Any questions email

Good luck!


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