What is it?

Commscamp is about people giving up their time to talk, listen and think about how communications is changing across the public sector and how people can share and exchange information and make connections that can help change the way things are done.

Those conversations start online long before the event, and continue long afterwards, stimulating new ideas, projects and get-togethers, including via the monthly TeaCamp London and BrewCamp Birmingham meetups amongst others.

Commscamp is an unconference, or a free-to-attend conference without a predefined agenda, where the sessions are proposed and agreed at the start of the day. They’re posted as a big grid on the wall for the participants to choose from, and there’s plenty of time for the informal hallway chats which, let’s face it, are the best bit of any conference.

It’s run to the rules of ‘open space’ events, where the Law of Two Feet applies: people move freely between sessions which interest them, tweeting, blogging, snapping and filming as they go. What emerges is always a high-energy, dynamic event which leaves people buzzing with new ideas and connections for weeks afterwards.

Who is organising this event?

Dan Slee – @danslee

Darren Caveney – @darrencaveney

Emma Rodgers – @EmmaRodgers

If you want to get involved or have any questions drop us an email: hello@commscamp.com


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