An updated round-up of what came out of #commscamp16

CommsCamp16-401Firstly, thank you coming, reading, sharing, baking, eating, videoing, sponsoring, volunteering, donating, photographing, tweeting, pitching or facilitating to make commscamp a hugely enjoyable event.

We loved it. We love doing it and we’d like to do one next year too – on July 14 2017.

But one really enjoyable spin-off are the blogs, videos and other things that emerge from the event.

We’ve tried to capture them here and we’ll update same day payday loans until people stop writing and creating things .

11 (and counting) things from commscamp16


Karen Jeal Commscamp16

Catherine Levin I Went to Commscamp and I

Dan Slee Simple tips on running your own unconference.

Dan Slee 26 short things and one long thing from #commscamp16.

Nick Booth 17 things I picked up at #commscamp16, oh, and one biggish thing.

Francis Clarke A foam finger makes all the difference and 6 other things I learned from #commscamp16

Alan Ferguson My thoughts on commscamp16

Kirstie McKenzie Culture Club – Internal Communications

Dave Musson 47 things I took away from commscamp 

Lauren Kelly Facebook pixel – targetting content to the right people.


Dave Musson A check-list on how to improve your linkedin profile.


Kelly Quigley-Hicks’ unboxing video after winning the baking prize.

Steven Davies and Sophie Edwards Pitching and welcomes

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