Commscamp 2015 first ticket release

ccby Emma Rodgers

It’s been 10 months since we last held Commscamp. Blimey – that’s gone fast and it’s fair to say a lot – no a blooming huge amount – has happened in that time.

We’re seeing communications team grow again in 2015 – now who would have thought that in 2014?

We’ve seen austerity measures get even tougher for local government and as the LGA tells us we’re facing another 40% cuts by the end of this Parliament.

We’ve talked about the new skills that a comms team will need and we’ve thought about how to get them.

We’ve heard challenges about citizens doing more and new initiatives happening across the public sector.

We’ve also talked about the death of well everything really – pr, organisations, meetings – the list goes on and on.

Challenges have remained a constant – getting citizens’ voices heard, influencing at the top table, generating income, keeping on top of the endless skills we need, as well as new models for communications all while making sure we shout about what we do.

And that’s before we get around to mentioning the new technologies and digital trends in the last few months.

Just looking at that little lot, you can see why coming along to Comms Camp 2015 is a must for comms peeps. It’s the biggest communications unconference in the UK for the public sector and will see professionals from all parts of the industry – local government, police, fire, housing, voluntary and central government – come together on 9 July in the Bond Company in Birmingham.

We’re pretty darn certain it will be sunny – it’s always sunny in Birmingham in July – it will be fun and there will be shed loads of learning. There will also be some quality cake, you’ll meet new people and you’ll get to set the agenda for what you want to talk about. Oh and did we mention it would be really, really useful.

If you don’t believe us, see for yourself just some of the great stuff that came from Comms Camp in 2014 here.

And if that doesn’t convince you, I’m not sure what will.

Tickets are like hot cakes and there’s going to be limited capacity.

A first ticket release will be at 12.30pm on Thursday April 30.

A second ticket release will be at 9.30pm on Tuesday May 5.

There will be further ticket releases. We’ll post more details on our Twitter @commscamp, on the blog and on our email. You’ll need to sign up to the comms2point0 email – you can do that here. We’re very excited and want you to be too – it’s the must go event of the year. You can also follow us on twitter @commscamp for the latest news and updates.


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