CommsCamp-makers – do you have what it takes?

London2012 Gamesmaker

Okay, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as the Games Makers from the London 2012 Olympics and we don’t have cool foam hands, but we are looking for volunteers to help with some on the day stuff to make sure CommsCamp goes smoothly. And you won’t have to dress head to toe in pink and purple. Which we hope will be a reward in and of itself.

So, here’s a list of what we need help with:


  • Greeters at Birmingham New Street and Moor Street stations to help point guests in the right direction. If you *really* want a foam hand, we’ll see what we can do… 

    How many?  Two people at each station

  • Check in desk at the venue – signing guests in and handing out name badges etcHow many?  Probably two people. You’ll need to be able to get to the venue for about 8.45
  • Social Reporters – tweeters, live bloggers, Storifiers, anyone who wants to do some Audioboos or short videosHow many? About four, but if we get more than that, we’ll try to accommodate everyone.
  • Cake bakers – yes really. Cake makes everything better!How many? No limit, you can never have enough cake…
  • Social secretary – for those who are local or staying overnight, it would be great to get together for a pre-event meal and drinks on the Monday evening.How many?  Just one – you’ll need to know Birmingham quite well to sort out venues…
  • Ad hoc volunteers – we may need a few spare bods to help run around during the dayHow many – four to five
  • And one random request – do we have any budding DJs out there or anyone else with a massive music collection who’d like play some tunes in the morning and at lunch to get us all in the mood…we’d love to hear from you!

Leave a comment below and let us know what role you’d like or drop us an email.

 Image used under Creative Commons from Steve Bowbrick


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  2. Dan Slee

    Okay, on a social secretary tip. Shall I chuck up an eventbrite for Manzils for the curry at 8pm the night before: and suggest meeting-up at The Anchor in Digbeth at say, around 5pm? It’s a combination that has worked for the last could of years before localgovcamp. Both are on this Google map

  3. Kelly Harrison

    Am happy to help with meeting/greeting, welcome desk, running around on the day. Wherever you need me basically! Ooh and I will supply some cake too

  4. Lorna

    Hi Dan

    Happy to help with check in/ social reporting / ad hoc support, wherever help is most needed, and I’ll have a go at baking a cake. You really don’t want me to DJ!

    The curry sounds great, I have to work the evening before, sorry to miss it.

    • Lorna

      Whoops, sorry – hello *Ann*! The last post was by Dan, I got all confused – must stop trying to read 3 things at once!

      • Ann

        Hi Lorna,

        No worries, we’re interchangeable at this point!

        Will put you down on the list and be in touch with more details v soon.

  5. Pauline Roche

    I know Digbeth very well and cn suggest other venues if Manzils doesn’t suit everyone, or they want to try something else, so assistant social sec? Can also tweet and have been known to make a cake :); also general volunteer on the day (and I have a spare inflatable hand (in Galway colours) to lend to peeps for the train station…)

  6. Emma Rodgers

    Happy to help with welcome/ad hoc and tweeting on the day [if my new phone arrives in time] and anything else you deem fit. Looking forward to it. Oh and happy to volunteer to eat cakes made by the Kate seeing as I’ve heard sooooooooooo much about them.


  7. Darren Caveney

    Fantastic to see so much love in the room.

    Thanks folks.

    And I’m so pleased that my hometown gets to host this little beauty of an event. It will look after us all just fine.

  8. Susie Lockwood

    Hi, I’m happy to help in pretty much any way except the station greeting, I’ll be one of the ones that could do with the help of the giant foam hand!

    I’m certainly no DJ but I do have a Spotify account (paid-for, so no adverts). If there’s a laptop that has Spotify installed, or that I can install it on, I can create a couple of playlists in advance if that fits the bill? I’ve got a desktop computer so can’t bring my own device I’m afraid. I’d be very happy to take requests, in fact I’d prefer it – my musical taste’s a bit dodgy. Although I’m listening to Lianne La Havas at the moment and that’s alright, right?!