Commscamp: All You’ll Need If You’re Coming

bondcompThose of you lucky enough to have a ticket to commscamp may well know Birmingham. But if you don’t you’re in for a treat.

It’s actually a vibrant, exciting place which has a digital community in Digbeth and people doing interesting things right across the West Midlands.

We’ve created a Google map of the places you’ll need to know about if you are coming. Train stations, the venue, car parking. That sort of thing. You can find it here:

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CommsCamp-makers – do you have what it takes?

London2012 Gamesmaker

Okay, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as the Games MakersĀ from the LondonĀ 2012 Olympics and we don’t have cool foam hands, but we are looking for volunteers to help with some on the day stuff to make sure CommsCamp goes smoothly. And you won’t have to dress head to toe in pink and purple. Which we hope will be a reward in and of itself.

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5 weeks to go

Well, I for one can hardly believe its only 5 weeks (!!) until CommsCamp13. I’m a mixture of excited and a little freaked out if I’m honest.

Thought I’d give a quick update as to where we are with things and what is happening next.

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