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commscamp: a space to talk in difficult times

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Commscamp is upon us and boy, we need it. We’re pleased to have MusterPoint as a gold sponsor. Here the founder of the public sector management tool writes about the need for space to talk in interesting times.

by Christine Townsend

If there is one thing that is certain at the moment, it is uncertainty and as clichéd as it may be, these really are unprecedented times of change.  Thankfully, we have CommsCamp to look forward to and provide a space for useful and thoughtful discussion about what happens next in the world of public sector comms

The beauty of an event like CommsCamp is that regardless of the turbulence that the world is going through, there are still people who want to come together to explore, learn, discuss and develop. These are people that will have different opinions and that is the best thing – there is no point in having a day of nodding dogs getting together because nothing would get done and nothing would change.

Our individual experiences and views, which are inevitably seen through a different lens for each and every one of us is collectively our strength. It wouldn’t be too grand to describe the event as some sort of summit. It’s an amazing opportunity to discuss together in a timely fashion the best way forward to support each other in what will inevitably be tough. It will be tough for different reasons, but it certainly isn’t going to be a walk in the park for anyone. But then who in public sector comms does the job because it’s easy?

I’ve never liked easy – sometimes when transitioning from public sector to start up founder I’ve hankered after easy, but then as everyone is quick to point out – I’d get bored, I’d be unchallenged and ultimately feel unfulfilled. MusterPoint came about because of change – it was the way social media changed the policing landscape beyond recognition during the London riots in August 2011. It was a long week that shocked and inspired people in equal measure and those events arguably pushed this country through an uncomfortable period of change.

Almost five years later and the way we communicate has changed, but the fact that people want to communicate has not. That’s why public sector comms specialists are as vital and relevant as they ever have been.

The reason why I am such a supporter of CommsCamp is because it always energises me and I can be guaranteed of learning from peers and people who I would never get a chance to share a space with. I’m looking forward to seeing how the future looks to everyone and am genuinely happy to be able to help acilitate such conversations.

Christine Townsend is founder and CEO of MusterPoint the social media management tool for emergency services, public sector and government. 

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