The commscamp cake table: The stuff of legends

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CommsCamp has gone and got itself a bit of a reputation. It’s the biggest free unconference event for comms people in the country, if not the world, and for those attending if offers so much:-

  • A chance to meet likeminded folk, in the actual person
  • To share ideas, good practice and mistakes you’ve learnt from
  • To gain ideas, understanding and have light bulb moments
  • To know you’re not alone, there are others out there with the same frustrations as you
  • To meet our fabulous sponsors and find out how they can help you.

All of the above is a given, but for me, this is what really sets CommsCamp apart from the rest:-

  • It offers a top playlist, and at the end of the day you’ll happily leave knowing all of the words to Communication by 80’s pop sensation Spandau Ballet
  • There’s a naff end of camp raffle, and no matter how hard you try, you will be coveting the Best of Cliff Richard LP, and feel a sense of loss as some other lucky so and so wins it. I know the loss of a chipped Don’t Hassle the Hoff mug.
  • You can, and should, make a donation to charity and then feel good about yourself. Bring all the golden nuggets.
  • You can sit by the canal, feel its history and eat ice cream served out of a V Dub Campervan called Polly
  • There’s a drink and curry the night before, and a trip to a proper pub afterwards.
  • And on top of that your eyes will boggle, your tummy will rumble and you’ll embarrassingly drool at the CommsCamp Cake Table – all of which is a natural reaction, it’s the stuff of legends. It has already secured its place in history as The Best Cake Table in the World, EVER! I know this because this will be my fourth year as Official Cake Monitor.

My job is to encourage as many people as possible to bake cakes and bring them along on the day. It doesn’t have to be a show stopper, it can be a simple batch of fairy cakes, a tray bake or anything else which is easy to transport to Birmingham. On the side there is a fiercely fought battle for the Comms Camp Star Baker wooden spoon. The voting to decide the winner is seriously suspect, there was an aggressive online VOTE MINE campaign last year, but let’s be honest about it, it really comes down to the one me and Dan Slee enjoyed the most.  If you’re not a baker, then just nip to the shops, all cake is gratefully received.

But it’s not all about the baking, we then need selfless people to eat all this yummy cake. We ask those that can, to make a donation to charity, so please give generously. Just think how much you’d pay for a slice in one of those fancy coffee shops, and stick that in the bucket. This year the money will go to the Alzheimer’s Society, who have been a great support to my family as we watch someone we dearly love suffer from Mixed Dementia (Dementia and Alzheimer’s). In exchange for a donation we’ll give you a raffle ticket, and in the end of camp naff raffle that Cliff LP could be yours. The more donations, the more raffle tickets, the more chances you have.

So, happy baking, happy eating, happy CommsCamp16. See you on the 14th July.


Kate Bentham

Official Cake Monitor

jam sponge cake
Yummy jam sponge cake



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